Goodman Group Stakeholder Review 2021

Goodman Westlink, Hong Kong SAR

Located in the busy hub of Hong Kong SAR, Goodman’s new three-hectare logistics facility with 140,000 sqm of gross floor area, Westlink, is characterised by efficient, large, floorplates – unusual in a city where space is limited.

The innovative design of the four-storey facility will offer vehicle access to all floors, including the roof, via ramps, which improve vehicle circulation and manoeuvrability. The property will feature market-leading amenities such as a café, rooftop garden, fitness facilities, sustainable farming and will be suitable for the newest advancements in robotics and automation.

Westlink’s sustainability initiatives will be the most extensive of Goodman’s Hong Kong SAR portfolio with the development and the building being carbon neutral and pre-certified to LEED Gold standard.

Sustainability features

Carbon neutral
300kW rooftop solar panels
Water efficient design and fittings
Rainwater harvesting for re-use in landscaping and amenities
Energy efficient systems and digital power controls
Green spaces and fitness facilities to support health and wellness
Electric vehicle charging stations
Demand-controlled ventilation system
Artist’s impression of Westlink, Hong Kong SAR, China
Artist’s impression of Goodman Huiyang Industrial Park, Huiyang, China

Goodman Huiyang Industrial Park, Mainland China

One of the largest industrial developments in mainland China’s Greater Bay area, the final phase of Huiyang Industrial Park is a multi-storey, six building facility with total GLA of 375,000 sqm due for completion this year.

The Park is in the Huiyang Economic and Development Zone, a highly sought after area for national logistics customers. It is ideal for regional distribution with good connectivity to the cities of Huizhou and Shenzhen.

Sustainability features

Over 11MW rooftop solar panels
Significant rainwater harvesting and automated landscape watering
Automated LED lighting
Fresh air ventilation system
Electric vehicle charging stations
Water efficient design and fittings
Green spaces and fitness installations to support health and wellness

Goodman Business Park, Greater Tokyo

Located in Greater Tokyo, Goodman Business Park is setting precedents for utility, sustainability and amenity for customers across its 50 hectares.

On completion, the Park will comprise over 750,000 sqm of floor space, including five large-scale logistics properties. Goodman Business Park offers excellent connectivity to Greater Tokyo, superior power infrastructure and amenities including green open spaces, shared e-bikes, cafés, childcare, a fitness centre, truck driver rest facilities and retail. The local community is also an integral part of the Park, benefiting from the amenities and participating in activities such as drive-in theatre events.

Sustainability features

16MW solar – equivalent to powering 4,300 households
Automated LED lighting
Shared e-bikes for carbon-free transit across the precinct
Landscaped gardens and parks
Rooftop garden terraces
Design elements such as a mesh façade that serve to reduce direct sunlight and therefore energy costs
Goodman Interlink, The Rambler, Hong Kong SAR

Market update

Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR

Ongoing urbanisation in mainland China is driving a shift to the five ‘megacity’ clusters of Greater Beijing, Greater Shanghai, Central China, Western China and Greater Bay Area.

Greenfield land is increasingly scarce with multi-storey warehousing becoming the norm. In urban locations, demand is being driven by e-commerce, fresh food and technology.

Hong Kong SAR remains a major gateway to mainland China. There, industrial property is tightly held and stock levels are decreasing.


Logistics is the most-favoured real estate asset for Japanese institutional investors (CBRE).

Demand remains strong with a vacancy rate of 0.5% in Greater Tokyo and 3.7% in Greater Osaka due to accelerating e-commerce demand.

Hong Kong SAR – projected e-commerce sales growth 2020-2025

China – projected e-commerce sales growth 2020-2025

Japan – projected e-commerce sales growth 2020-2025
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